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Our price list for piercings in Southport

Please have a look below at the piercings we offer and for what price. This is not an extensive list, so if you have a piercing in mind you do not see listed, please get in touch with us as we most likely will be able to provide this for you. At Body Mech, we specialise in ear piercing, nose piercing and just about any body part piercing that you can think of. Based in Southport, we aim to cover areas of Liverpool and the North West. Please visit our contact page to book in, or have a look at our reviews to see what our customers are saying.

We provide a wide range of body piercings, including daith piercings, rook piercings, dermal piercings and tongue piercings. Please call us on  01704 514977 or email us on to book in. 

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Navel Piercing

Professional ear piercing and body piercings in a safe, relaxed environment